Shunt Reactors

Three 300 kVAr reactor units were installed in the Walroda, Dakota and Seringboom reticulations. The shunt reactors were installed in order to improve the power factor in these reticulations. To date, successful results can be seen in the power factor measured in these areas.

Low Income Household Electrifications: Kivuki Land, Omutuli & Saamstaan

CENORED continues to electrify low-income households. Kivukiland, Omutuli and Saamstaan were all electrified and have since been connected to the grid in the 2014/2015 financial year.

The electrification involved the installation of MV equipment, LV cabling, and streetlighting based on the ABC network of conductors. Service connections were made to a total of 205 households in the three settlements.

Low Income Household Electrifications: Kivuki Land

More households (over 100) are planned to be connected to the grid in Kivuki Land in the 2015/2016 financial year. The designs, plans and cost estimates are at an advanced stage. Tender stage to follow after the planning has been completed by CENORED.

Installation of Traffic Lights

A set of traffic lights are being installed at three intersections in the town of Tsumeb. The Contractor has been awarded the tender and construction has commenced. Planned completion of the project is September 2015.

Once completed, this project will facilitate the flow of traffic in the town of Tsumeb and also solve the current problem caused by the old traffic lights which at times malfunctions.

Network Upgrades

Main Incomer Station

CENORED plans to install a completely new incomer station that will house the main incomer bus bars, with complete protection systems on all the incoming and outgoing feeders.

Once completed, this project will ensure a reliable supply of power to the copper town.

At this stage planning for the procurement of a piece of land on which this station will be build are underway.

Replacement of OHL in Klein Tsumeb

The old bare aluminium overhead lines (OHL) are planned to be replaced with underground cabling. Though expensive, underground cabling is less maintenance intense and has a longer design life. This project is planned for the new financial year (2015/2016).

Installation of 93 streetlights

CENORED plans to improve the look and feel of the town by installing 93 streetlights in the industrial area. Not only does this improve the town’s cosmetics but also improves the level of security by ensuring that the area will now have fewer dark spots. This project is also planned for implementation in the 2015/2016 financial year.