Northern Network


The refurbishment of Omulunga Distribution Station into a state-of-the art switchgear, with individual feeder protection and main station check metering unit. The project will be implemented utilising ABB Safeplus Compact Switchgear.


Installation of 2 x K3 RMUs is underway in an effort to re-inforce the network between Cymot Sub-station and Kappaland Miniature Substation.

CENORED is also busy to refurbish the main incomer station to a new, reliable station with new switchgear, feeder protections and supervisory measurements. Project is currently under planning.

Southern Network

Main network projects in the southern network are in Outjo. Here, CENORED has embarked on the refurbishment of the switchgear at Onduri Distribution Station and the upgrade of the 2.5 MVA transformer at the Outjo Main Incomer Station to a 5 MVA transformer owing to increased growth.