Otjiwanda Mall

The project entailed the supply of a complete 500 kVA power supply point to the Otjiwanda Mall. During the construction of the mall, CENORED provided a 100 kVA temporary supply point required for the construction works. Now completed, the 500 kVA mini-sub fulfils the electrical needs of the mall which houses shops such as Pick n’ Pay, Hungry Lion as well as clothing shop. The mall has brought about the much needed retail services and hence economic growth to the people of Grootfontein.

New Senior Secondary School

The project consists of the planning, delivery, installation and commissioning of a 500 kVA miniature substation (mini-sub) to supply power to a new senior secondary school. The MV & LV material are to be supplied by the Contractor. The project is 90% completed and once completed, the supply of power will ensure that the school operates to provide for the educational needs of the children of the town.

Omulunga Blekkies Dorp Electrification

In the Blekkies Dorp informal settlement, CENORED installed MV & LV equipment to connect house holds to the electrical grid. A total of 251 households were connected and to date, the beneficiaries are able to enjoy all the services provided for by the provision of electricity.

Another 100 households (approximate) are planned to be electrified in the same settlement in the 2015/16 financial year.

Shunt Reactor Installation

In an effort to maintain and improve the quality of power distributed and supplied by CENORED, three reactor units were procured and installed in the Octrooi, Maroelaboom and Avontuur reticulations.

To date, the power factor of the power delivered in these areas has improved. CENORED continues to perform power flow studies and implement power factor correction measures where and when required.

Electrification of Luiperdsheuwel

As the need for housing sours, Municipalities are hard at work to service ervens to meet the increasing need for land. CENORED is planning on electrifying 75 ervens in Luiperdsheuwel suburb in order to meet the Municipality of Grootfontein halfway in its mandate to provide land for all. The electrification will entail the supply, installation, testing and commissioning of mini-subs, streetlighting and underground cabling at an estimated cost of NAD 3.6 million.